Born Into It

Born Into It

Welcome to the world

Grow up

Kindergarten , Primary , Secondary , Uni

Get a job , the perfect man or woman , get married

Live your life , make money , shine until

Grow old

Wake up – eat ,work , sleep , repeat

Be a zombie and repeat

My father said “Her job is to read books” , I said ”What a cruel life we live” in my mind

We were brought in a life that was programmed for us . Ask anybody who made it , they will recite the same thing – Grow up , finish school , get a job , do something good

But they never say ”Live your own life , do your own thing ”

The Youth long for something fresh , vibrant , exhilarating , but Society rebukes

the one chance we have to fulfill our dreams , the norms of life prevent us from doing so ; because…we were born into it .

Published by BeeYourFav

Hello , I am currently a student and I live in Botswana .I am one person who likes to voice out their opinions , hence my podcast channel and Quora page . I hope you enjoy my blog and continue to become the best version of yourself .

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